€ 13.25/m.

Item No. 260765

Shall we dance?

Do you have a happy little gymnast, dancer, or upcoming ice-skating star at home? Then this stretch fabric is perfect when you're designing and sewing a new favourite outfit!


The fabric is soft, elastic, and breathable, providing flexibility for countless pirouettes, cartwheels, and cha-cha steps. The shiny surface looks elegant, whether you're in dim lighting or on the big stage with the perfect spotlight.


Great for sports

This material is comfortable to wear and offers maximum freedom of movement. This means it's brilliant for all kinds of sports, so you can confidently start sewing sporty leggings and tops for your own and others' active pursuits.


And great for everything else

We've covered the sporty designs, but you can also use this fabric for everyday and party wear for both adults and children. Leggings for a party, a beautifully draping skirt, or an elegant top.

The possibilities are endless – just get out the sewing machine and get started.


A bit of practicality


When working with jersey, we recommend using a jersey needle, which is characterised by having a medium point – also known as ball point. The needle easily penetrates the knitted quality and prevents stitches and threads from running. For this type of jersey, we recommend jersey needles in size 70/80.