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Jersey in Beautiful Colours

Jersey is a popular material for DIY wardrobe items: It's soft, comfortable to wear, and easy to work with. This means that jersey is incredibly versatile for everyday clothing designs for both adults and children.

The many colours offer a plethora of options: Sew your favourite styles in multiple colours or mix different colours in one design – the choice is yours!

Unleash Your Imagination

When discussing cotton jersey, you can't ignore the classic designs: The simple top with short or long sleeves and the popular leggings for children and adults; the material is simply perfect for these classics.

But you can also let your imagination run wild and experiment with the fabric for skirts and dresses or exciting new trousers and tops.

Regardless of what you choose, cotton jersey is a versatile and soft material – and a clear favourite among children and adults.

A Bit About the Practicalities

This fabric is made of 92% organic cotton and 8% elastane. It has a width of 150 cm, and of course, you decide the length you wish to order.

When working with jersey, we recommend using a jersey needle, characterised by its medium point – also known as ball point. The needle easily penetrates the knitted quality and prevents stitches and threads from running. For this type of jersey, we recommend jersey needles in size 70/80.

Partly Organic

Products with this label contain a minimum of 25% organic content. For example, fabrics with organic cotton mixed with other fibres. We've introduced this label to make it easier for you to identify the proportion of organic material.