€ 3.00/pc(s)

Item No. 94063

Prolong the useful lifetime of your clothes with a self-adhesive nylon patch

Have you torn a hole in a jacket or other item of clothing? Then this self-adhesive nylon patch is the easy way to give your clothes a new lease of life.

Repair holes and tears in outerwear, etc.

This patch is made of 100% nylon. It measures 10 x 20 cm. It has a self-adhesive backing and is good for repairing holes or tears. Use it, for example, to repair rainwear, a jacket, trousers, ski suit, snowsuit and other waterproof clothing – and in places you find it difficult to get to sew.


How do I attach the nylon patch?

Make sure that the damaged fabric is clean, dry and smooth.


  • Trim the nylon patch to the desired size. We recommend that you cut the patch several centimetres larger than the hole. Don’t forget to round the corners.
  • Remove the protective foil and press the patch firmly in place.
  • Cover the patch with a cloth and press with an iron for about 10 seconds at the lowest temperature setting (on the right and wrong side). Pressing the patch fixes the adhesive so the patch better can withstand washing.
  • NB: If the fabric is not suitable for ironing, use a hair dryer to heat the patch and fix the adhesive.