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The chalk wheel for hidden markings 

When you need to ensure that all seams and details are perfectly placed, making small markings on the fabric is a great help. Markings that should preferably disappear again once they are no longer needed.  


A chalk wheel is a good solution for this.  


The chalk wheel fits comfortably in the hand for both right-handed and left-handed users, giving you full control over your markings. 


How a chalk wheel works 

You hold the ergonomic handle and roll the wheel across the fabric where you wish to make lines. The gear ensures that the fine chalk powder leaves a thin and clear chalk line, so you can easily see where to cut, sew, and add details.  


To remove the line from the fabric, simply brush lightly over it with a dry cloth or brush – or simply wash it off. 


Need more chalk? Search for "Prym refill".  


Test before you start 

It's always a good idea to test on the fabric you're working with before marking your main project, to ensure that the lines disappear as desired. 


Part of Prym Love  

This product is part of the Prym Love series, which with its great designs in cheerful colours focuses on the love for good craftsmanship and the joy of expressing oneself creatively.