€ 8.50/m.

Item No. 9299

Vliesofix bondaweb is double-sided interfacing. It's excellent used in appliqué, hobby work, repair patches, patchwork, etc., and it's ideal when you need to fuse two fabrics together. You can apply it to all kinds of fabrics as well as to raffia, cardboard and (at low temperature) even to leather. Vliesofix is 90 cm wide. It has fusible adhesive on both sides. To fix Vliesofix, set your iron to the wool setting (2-3 dots). If you use dry heat, press for 5 seconds to fuse the adhesive. Then leave to cool. NB: Iron on the paper side first! Then remove the paper and set the iron to the wool/cotton setting. Use a damp cloth and press gradually. Apply heavy pressure for 10 seconds.