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We're so happy you've found your way here. And where is here, you might ask? Well, we are STOFF & STIL, or rather we used to be. Now, we're called Selfmade®.


Would you just like to shop your favourite fabrics, haberdashery, patterns, and crafts supplies? Well, there is no reason why you shouldn't. While the website might look very different, our product range remains the same.


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But why did we make this change, and what consequences does it have for you as our customer? Allow us to explain.

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Well, we are STOFF & STIL. But we're changing names, as we have evolved past our original goal of becoming the leading and most innovative supplier of fabrics and haberdashery. Instead, we are now a creative DIY universe that goes far beyond that.

"Our new name reflects our vision of being a creative beacon for all those curious, imaginative minds seeking out inspiration and originality."


- Alexander Lerche, CEO



Selfmade® is a new name for STOFF & STIL; a supplier of fabrics, haberdashery, yarn, crafts supplies and other creative products.


Selfmade® is a 40-year-old, brand-new concept, as we like to call it. Since 1989, STOFF & STIL has been a creative beacon for sewists, crafters and knitters.


We started with just one local store in Denmark selling surplus stock. Now, we are an international chain with an extensive online shop and 31 brick-and-mortar shops throughout Europe.


Here, in 2021, 40 years of experience and creativity culminate into a brand-new concept: Selfmade®. With Selfmade, we aim to breathe new life in age-old techniques and solid craftsmanship and make creativity accessible for everyone, regardless of their skill level.

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Changing our name to an English one might imply that we merely aim to be more international.
And to be fair, it does make things easier now that our name no longer is a tongue twister for every non-Scandinavian customer.


But that is not the sole reason for our name change.


The STOFF & STIL name – Fabrics and Style in Danish – no longer fits our ambitions and goals. Nor did it match our customers' wants for even more different crafts supplies. After all, we're so much more than just fabrics, and we want our name to reflect that.

STOFF & STIL — Selfmade® STOFF & STIL — Selfmade®
STOFF & STIL — Selfmade® STOFF & STIL — Selfmade®
STOFF & STIL — Selfmade® STOFF & STIL — Selfmade®
STOFF & STIL — Selfmade® STOFF & STIL — Selfmade®
STOFF & STIL — Selfmade® STOFF & STIL — Selfmade®
STOFF & STIL — Selfmade® STOFF & STIL — Selfmade®

Not that much, to be honest. Sure, we've launched and continue to develop a new and better website with tons of inspiration and helpful video guides with expert tips.


But our core remains the same — we will always supply fabrics. But we will expand our product range with new crafts supplies, among others.


Our new website is improved with better, more detailed product images, making it easier for you to gauge the fabric of a screen.


We're also working on detailed product descriptions that give you all the information you need to feel confident placing your order online.


Over time, we will be expanding our online universe with even more inspiration and guidance. We will add video guides in which our experts share their best tricks of the trade.


And we won't stop there! Loads of exciting things are coming – we can't wait to share them with you!

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The UK and Austrian websites have changed to Selfmade®. We expect to launch the other online shops in early 2022.


But changing names in a company of our size is quite a comprehensive enterprise. And while we have come a long way, we still have some distance to run.


So, as we're still transitioning, you will, on occasion, encounter our old name. For example, on our packaging, social media, and shipment boxes, but quite possibly also in other situations.

This transformation has been our best-kept secret for quite some time. But now we finally get to show you what Selfmade® is all about and why we are so excited about it.


Stay tuned via social media!