Homemade presents go straight to the heart! No doubt they take time and a lot of creative effort, but gifting homemade gifts is worth it!


Anyone can buy something in a shop, but the extra time and energy you put into your personalised gift will mean much more to whoever receives it.


We’ve put together the best ideas for homemade Christmas presents.


Homemade bags


Homemade bags are always a hit. Whether you go for a carry-all mom bag, a stylish bum bag or a  practical rucksack - we've got you covered.


We also see that the once-dorky bum bag is well and truly enjoying a comeback. And we get why! Big enough for all your essentials and made in your favourite fabric. 

We’ve several excellent bag patterns for you. Use them to create a fully customised bum bag for your loved ones. In addition, we have a broad range of bag-making accessories, so you can shop for everything you need online. 


Shop everything you need to make bags here


1800X900 Jul#02 Kimono



A kimono is always a brilliant idea!


They are straightforward to sew and also rather one-size-fits-all, meaning that you won’t need the exact measurements of the receiver for it to fit.


Woven cotton poplin or cotton satin are light and super fitting for a morning dress. And if you use a more ‘fluffy’ fabric such as terry cloth or woven jacquard, your kimono can also double down as a bathrobe or peignoir.

Energy Saving Blankets 1200X600

Homemade Throw-Blankets and Quilts


And while we’re on the topic of keeping warm: blankets are everyone’s best friend this winter. So why don’t you surprise your loved one with a homemade blanket come Christmas?


You could create a fantastic patchwork and sew a cosy quilt from one of our beautiful fabrics. Or, for a less time-consuming option, use our pre-quilted fabrics and bias tape to create a comforter within no-time.


If you prefer to gift a throw blanket, we have just the fabrics for you. Create a no-sew throw blanket in fleece or wool and finish it with decorative braided edges. We’ll show you how to do this in our free DIY for blankets.


Naturally, you could also knit or crochet a blanket. We’ve a fantastic range of yarns for the jobs, and a number of free knitting and crochet patterns to boot!

Knitted Socks 1200X600

Homemade knitted socks


Pop-quiz. Which present do you hate getting as a child but gets better and better the older you get? Why, homemade knitted socks, of course!


Homemade knitted socks are the ultimate Christmas present for grown-ups that never want anything for Christmas. Socks knitted with love are felt with every step taken by the lucky ones who received them.


Our FRAYA yarn universe offers you 7 free knitting patterns for homemade socks plus 3 different types of durable sock yarns.

1800X900 Jul#01 Sengetøj

Bed linen


With just 4 straight lines of stitches, making your own bed linen is a walk in the park.


For bedlinen, we recommend organic cotton, seersucker, cotton satin or percale for extra comfort. These fabrics are durable and breathable, making them ideal bed linen materials.


Our high-quality fabrics will provide you with great sleep for many years. Find all fabrics for bed linen here.


Add a piping ribbon along the edges for a beautiful finish.


We do recommend choosing fabrics that can be washed at 60°C for hygienic purposes.

Ugly Christmas Sweater 1200X600

Christmas jumper with a motif


Time to don your Christmas jumper.


Suppose you are brave enough to make it yourself. In that case, we offer several free knitting patterns for simple jumpers in FRAYA’s universe. You may also have a knitted jumper in your drawer that you can use.


No matter what you decide to do, you can decorate your Christmas jumper with Christmas haberdashery: bells, sequined ribbon and cute sew-on patches. But also punch needle, embroidery, heat-transfer fabric, and more.


Let us lend you a few tips and tricks on how to decorate your own unique Christmas jumper in our guide to making an ugly Christmas Jumper.

93761 1200X600

Christmas elves 


You can never have enough Christmas elves! At least around Christmas time! (They are also wonderful presents for those you don’t know what to give).


We’ve got patterns and guides to help you make elves. Whether it’s a homemade elf on the shelf or elves to hang on your Christmas tree.


We also have patterns for Christmas hats, enabling you to magically turn little tiny tots into sweet little elves!


Cuddly toys and teddies


Can you imagine anything more adorable than your wee ones running about the house with a teddy you made from scratch? Sew the perfect cuddy toys with our sewing patterns for stuffed animals. And best of all, we’ve got everything you need, including furry fabrics, stuffing, noses and eyes, and more.


Would you rather crochet or knit a teddy? We’ve got you covered there too! Download our free knitting and crochet patterns for stuffed animals here.

1800X900 Jul#03 Varmepude

Heat pad 


Heat pads can relieve sore muscles, backaches, and even tummy aches. And heating pads are not challenging to make, nor are they time-consuming.


To create a head pad that will last for years, we recommend you use cotton canvas or other sturdy, woven cotton fabrics. Linen works equally well. These fabrics are durable, heat resistant, and perfect for heat pads!


For the stuffing, we recommend cherry stones or grape pips.


To make things easier, we created a free DIY for you. Read our guide to sewing a heating pad and download your free sewing pattern.

AW22 Page72 1800X900

High-end cushions that you can make


Create wonderful throw cushions using durable furnishing fabrics in just the right colour, to match the receivers home interior. Sewing a cushion cover is pretty straightforward, not very time consuming, and inexpensive to boot. Check out our range of inner pillows that come at a very good price.


You could also create a cushion cover in patchwork or a quilted cushion cover if you want to make an even more high-end gift for your loved one.

1800X900 Jul#08 Servietter

Mittens 1 1200X600

Homemade Mittens – knitted or sewn


These babies make for a fantastic gift; one that literally warms you. And naturally, we’ve got a few excellent ideas for you.


For warm fingers in all sorts of weather, you could sew these unisex mittens. Use teddy fabric for extra warmth and that popular fluffy look. We recommend beaver nylon for the palms to create a water-repellant and durable grip.


If you’re more into classic knitted mittens, we’ve got just the thing for you. Check out our Never Cold Hands Mittens or even these super decorative Snowball Fight Mittens!


Or, for indoor use, you could knit or sew fingerless gloves. These practical beauties give your fingers maximum mobility and flexibility, to operate your keyboard or smartphone.

Toilettry Bags 1 1200X600

Toiletry bag 


Everybody can enjoy a gorgeous toiletry bag, whether for dad or nan. And these are not difficult to make!


We have four different patterns for toiletry bags; one of them even includes a sewing pattern for a shopper and a makeup bag.


For the outer fabrics, we recommend you use sturdy materials such as linen, canvas, and cotton. Or use furnishing fabrics such as velour or corduroy. For the lining, we recommend woven cotton or even water-repellant fabrics, the latter being easy to wipe down in case of spillage or staining.


Add a matching zipper and a coloured strap, and you’re halfway there! We recommend you add interlining as this stabilises your toiletry bag and helps give it shape.

Hest Grime 1200X600

Homemade Hobby horse


This one is for the younger members of your family. Homemade hobby horses can bring such joy! They make for a wonderful activity that keeps them entertained and active for hours on end!


Get our hobby horse sewing pattern here. Download our free DIYs to create a halter for your stick horse or to sew a (hobby) horse blanket. And best of all, we’ve an amazing range of faux furs for the horse’s coat, and an incredible choice in yarns for the mane.

1800X900 Jul#05 Bøllehat



The sunhat is one of our most popular patterns, and we understand why!


A sunhat adds that ‘Je ne sais quoi’ to any outfit while keeping your head warm (or cold) elegantly.


You can make our sunhat in different sizes – even in baby sizes, so there’s one for every family member!

Badhairday Scarf 1200X600

Handmade Scarves


A scarf is like a cherry on the top of any outfit. And come winter, they are essential in our arsenal of garments that help us keep warm. Plus, a handknitted scarf is like a hug from its creator by proxy!


We’ve a wonderful selection of free knitting patterns for scarves for beginners as well as intermediate and expert knitters. Pair them with quality yarn and knitting needles in any size, and you’re set to start.

Cheerful 18 Candy 1200X600



Receiving handmade jewellery is always excellent!

We’ve got everything you need to make iconic jewellery: beads, strings, chains, snap hooks, pendants, and much more.


We’ve also got several guides showing you how to make beautiful earrings and bracelets. Find our free DIYs and guides for making jewellery here.

Christmas Mits

Homemade Mittens – A Warm Gesture


Keep your loved ones cosy this winter with homemade mittens – a heartwarming and practical gift. Sewing mittens is straightforward with our popular pattern. You can choose from a variety of fabrics like quilt, beaver nylon, imitated fur, and wool, and more, ensuring both style and warmth. And all the needed bits and bobs can be found in our extensive range of haberdashery.


For those who prefer knitting, our extra warm, quality wool yarns are ideal for crafting mittens! They keep your fingers toasty and ensure a long-lasting result. Handmade mittens are a thoughtful, size-flexible gift that will keep hands warm and hearts warmer.


The best presents are those wrapped in love.


Add some oomph to your gift wrapping by using gorgeous gift wrapping paper and large satin bows, make a gift bag or use a box you decorated yourself.


Or, if you really want to go all-in, you could coat a storage box with fabric and create a gift box and keepsake in one!


Merry Christmas!

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