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One of this Fall’s greatest fashion trends.
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Guide to mending

A how to guide to mending - a trendy technique to upcycle old clothes, bags, etc. Read in 3-4 min.
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10 tips for sewing with denim

We've listed the 10 best tips and tricks for sewing with denim and jeans. Get off to a good start on your DIY jeans, jean skirt, denim jacket, or more.
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Let's go outdoor

Upgrade your summer cottage, terrace and garden with timeless projects made of durable fabrics.
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New life for an old sweater

We all have a garment we’re desperate to keep. A blouse, a sweater or a pair of pants. They may be worn and holed but you can’t part with them.
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Learn how to sew facing

Let's face it: adding a little facing gives you the best possible neckline for your newly designed top or dress. Learn how to sew with facing. Read in 3-4 min