€ 3.00/m.

Item No. 511027

Light and airy canvas

The finest, most airy canvas for DIY! Use it for long, breezy curtains that flutter in the summer breeze or as a base for your next embroidery project.  

What is cheese cloth?

The name originates from the fabric's tradition, where it was typically used to wrap and shape cheese. The loose weave allowed the cheese to "breathe" while it matured. 

Today, cheesecloth is still used in the kitchen - for example, as a natural sieve when making jam - but it is also widely used for other creative home projects. 

Some more details

The fabric consists of 100% cotton and measures 145 cm in width. You choose the length you order, but note that it will shrink by 10% when washed.

When you start sewing, we recommend using a universal needle size 60.