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From STOFF & STIL to Selfmade® — a more than 40 year old brand new concept

For more than 40 years, STOFF & STIL has been a creative DIY-universe guiding passionate DIY-lovers, knitting newbies, sewing aficionados, and creative souls. In 2021, we level up our concept and become Selfmade® - a lifestyle universe that breathes new life in age-old techniques and solid craftsmanship, along with an online community where focus on self-love and sustainability meet with an unignorable desire for originality.

A universe that enables you to unleash your creative power!


1200X800 Winter21 033A

Party trends

Read more about the 2021 apparel trends for both women and kids.
1000X1000 Winter21 074B

Winter wellness

Click and read about why winter swimming got so popular and be inspired to sew unique accessories for the occasion.
Purist 004

Less is more

Find peace of mind and make time for immersion. Make it simple, create purity of line and embrace muted colours. Prefer quality to quantity.
1600X2000 Autumn P016b

Arctic tones

A trend inspired by nature, earthy colours and traditional crafts.