At Selfmade® we are constantly working to get better and better at two things in particular; collaboration and co-creation.

We do this both internally in our many teams across the whole organisation - and very much in relation to our customers.

Specifically, we want to be the world's best team players and co-creators. But what do we mean by that?

A team player is someone who wants to take on all the responsibility he/she can for the common good of the team.

Someone who says and does things that make every member of the team feel appreciated, understood and included.

Someone who is humble and is comfortable sharing recognition with other team members.

... And much more, of course!

We're passionate about everyone thriving, moving forward - and having fun together.

When we help our clients with their creative projects in Selfmade®, we call it "co-creating". The same is true when we do multidisciplinary projects internally and in collaboration with talented creative people from outside.

So what makes a good co-creator?

First and foremost, it's someone who is curious and good at both listening and asking questions.

Someone who is inspiring and believes that his/her messages are important - and makes the effort to communicate them.

Someone who is practical by being solution-oriented and good at translating ideas into simple actions.

... And much more!