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We're for those who dare to do it themselves and want to stand out. Those who don't just take something off a hanger. Those who want to create their own.

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... is much more love! For ourselves, for each other and our environment.

Join in the love in Selfmade's online community, where we unleash creativity and share it with each other. Dive into the Selfmade® culture - and into our work on social responsibility, where you can read more about many of our key issues.

Our story is the story of a family with more than 40 years of passion for fabrics, creativity and growth. But how did it all begin?

In 1980, Peter and Marianne Lerche founded the company 'Peters Resthal' in Herning, where they open the doors of their shop selling leftover fabrics and clothing from the many local textile manufacturers in the area.

The company quickly becomes successful! Therefore, in 1983 they expand their business and start selling goods by mail order, while the product range is constantly evolving and the number of employees is growing.

Soon the company also starts designing its own sewing patterns and sourcing fabrics from Denmark and abroad. 'Peters Resthal' no longer seems like an appropriate name, and in Norway, where a shop is in the pipeline at the time, the name is difficult for Norwegians to understand. As a consequence, a new name is born: STOF & STIL.

In 1989, the 1st store in Norway opens its doors, in 1991 the 2nd store in Denmark and in 2003 the 1st Swedish Store is opened. A web shop is launched to service all Scandinavian markets in 2007, and a few years later the German market also is serviced online. Customers can shop in 1st German store in 2013.  

Fast forward to now, we have 31 stores in the four countries and a webshop in 13 European markets.In 2019, the Lerche couple's two sons, Alexander Lerche and Michael Lerche, take over the company, and with the generational change comes a new direction, a new DNA and a new name.

Today we are called Selfmade®. A name that reflects the creativity, curiosity and joy of creation we want to appeal to - and not least the pride experienced when creating something from scratch.

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