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We can sew your tablecloth for you in just the size you need. 


How to order a tablecloth

  • Find your tablecloth fabric in our online shop and select the required amount of fabric.
  • Remember to add extra fabric for the seams (+10 cm / 4")
  • Tick the box "Sew as tablecloth."
  • The cost of the sewing service is calculated automatically. 
  • Add to basket.
  • Double-check the size of your finished tablecloth and your order during checkout. 

What does this cost?

The tablecloth service costs £5.50 / €6.50 per meter or part thereof. 


Remember seam allowance and drape.

When you order a sewn tablecloth, 10 cm / 4" will go to the seam allowance. If you want your tablecloth to drape over the sides, you also need to add extra fabric for that. 

We do not sew round and oval tablecloths.


Price example for tablecloth service

We wish to order a 230 cm long tablecloth. The selected fabric is 145 cm wide and costs £7.00 per metre. 


We need to order 240 cm fabric (230 cm + 10 cm seam allowance). This will cost 2.4 x £7.00 = £16.80. 

The sewing service costs £5.50 per metre or part thereof. Our tablecloth is 230 cm, therefore:

3 x £5.50 = £16.50


Our finished tablecloth will be 135 x 230 cm at £33.30. 

SS23 Dugesyning 2400X1200

How to measure fabric for a table cloth

If your table is rectangular or square, measure the length and width of your dinner table. But if your dinner table is oval or circular, measure the broadest and longest parts of the table.


Establish your drop length

Decide what you want your drop length to be. The drop length is the length of fabric that hangs over the side of your table. In other words: the distance measured from the edge of your table to where you want your tablecloth to end. 

Usually, table cloths have a drop length of 25 - 30 cm / 10 - 12 inches. 


Remember a seam allowance

Apart from oilcloth and crushed velvet, most fabrics will need to be hemmed. This keeps your fable cloth from fraying and allows the fabric to drape gracefully. 

We recommend a 10-cm / 2.5-inch seam allowance. 


Calculate how much fabric you need for your tablecloth

You can calculate the dimensions of the required fabric as follows: 

Table cloth length

Table length + (Drop length x2) + (Seam allowance x2)

Table cloth width

Table width + (Drop length x2) + (Seam allowance x2)

Keep an eye on the fabric width

If the width of the fabric is wider than the width needed for the table cloth, you order the yardage you need, and trim excess fabric when sewing. 


But if your chosen fabric isn't wide enough, you'll need to sew individual pieces together. 


To calculate how many widths you need, we recommend you take the total tablecloth width and divide that by the width of the fabric. And remember to add your seam allowance and drop length! Round this number up to the following whole number. 


Then, take the required length (including seam allowance and drop length) and multiply by the number of widths you just calculated. 


Have fun!