Overlock thread

Here is our range of 100 % polyester overlock thread. A good quality thread for seams and stitching that works well on all overlockers – ideal for you if you sew many different things. If you are looking for a thread to match your fabric, you can always choose a basic colour. Seams become invisible when you use a neutral thread.

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Prime overlock thread from STOFF & STIL /Selfmade®

At Selfmade®, formerly known as Stoff & Stil, you will find a large selection of overlock threads for different projects. There are differences between sewing machines, and not all sewing machines need or can use overlock thread. But sewing machines with the overlock feature have the ability to sew using multiple threads at once and this is especially suitable for sewing knitted fabrics.

It is therefore important that your overlock thread is stable and of good quality; for example, sewing a knit fabric, which is a thicker material, requires a robust sewing thread. If you need sewing thread to match your overlock thread, our sewing threads are available in many different colours right here.

The overlock feature creates a seam with more stretch than normal seams, making both fabric and stitching easier to stretch out. When you sew with an overlock machine, it does not matter that the fabric is stretchable.

With an overlock thread, the stitches follow along and match the form of the fabric. This is one of the reasons why we at Selfmade® know how important it is to distinguish between overlock thread and regular sewing thread. It's because you obtain a completely different result with an overlock thread made for a particular purpose.

Premium quality overlock thread at a fair price

At Selfmade®, it pays to shop for more than one sewing project at a time, because you know that purchasing several products at once can lead to a favourable discount. So it pays to go ahead with large or multiple projects at once without having to worry about the price. Our overlock threads are always of good quality to help ensure the success of your sewing project, and that it will last for many years.

Our overlock threads are either organic or OEKOTEX certified, so you always get the best product. The OEKOTEX guarantee ensures that you get a product without harmful chemicals, so you can safely use our overlock threads for all kinds of sewing tasks.

At Selfmade® you will find many different kinds of thread for your overlock machine. We offer OEKOTEX overlock threads made of both 100% polyester and 100% cotton. Our overlock threads are available in different types to suit different fabrics. You will find overlock threads including those especially suitable for jeans, embroidery and upholstery.