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Satin is a smooth and glossy fabric with an exclusive look. Satin is commonly used in lingerie, nightgowns, blouses, evening gowns, and bed linen. 

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What is satin?


Satin is a woven fabric. A satin weave produces lustrous, smooth fabrics with a glossy sheen. Typically, satin is single-faced - with a glossy right side, and a matt wrong side. 

A satin weave can be made of silk, polyester, or nylon. A satin weave made using cotton fibres is usually called sateen. 

An inexpensive alternative to silk


A polyester satin is used as an alternative for silk, as it is far less expensive, but still has the lustrous and exclusive look that silk is known for.  

Satin can be used for many different purposes but is mainly used for clothing and especially for blouses and dresses. The fabric can even be used for a wedding dress or party dress because of its exclusive look. We have all kinds of satin fabrics – plain satins or satin fabrics with prints. Some of the satin fabrics even come in a stretchy version and are therefore perfect for everyday clothing because of the soft feeling these fabrics have on the skin.


Duchess satin


Choose the exclusive duchess satin if you want your clothes to look expensive and exclusive without completely emptying your pockets and going above budget.


Satin used in home decoration


Satin will also look good with other fabrics as a lovely detail like tailored cuts. The satin material can also be used for other purposes than clothing like bed linen or for pretty cushions. The satin fabric will bring an exclusive look into your home. You can even use the satin fabric for a tablecloth and if you don’t want to make the tablecloth yourself, we will make it for you. Just choose your favourite satin fabric in your preferred length and wing the “To be sewn into a tablecloth”-option before you put the fabric into the basket. Our system will calculate the sewing fee and add it to the total price in your basket.

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We have cotton satins, bridal satins, polyester satins, micro satins and party satins. The cotton satins are very suitable for making nightwear like a night robe or a nightgown. The cotton satins feel comfortable towards the skin and allows the skin to breath while you are sleeping.

All the satin fabrics have a detailed description of material values, how to wash the fabric, weight and width. Remember that the fabric can shrink in wash – so consider this before sewing.

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