Woven viscose fabric

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Viscose is a smooth, light, and slightly glossy material, which is often used for dresses, skirts and other nice garments.  The surface of viscose is similar to silk, and it was originally intended to be a cheaper alternative to silk.  

Nowadays, there are two commonly used versions of viscose fabric – one that is glossy and shiny, and one that is more wool or cotton-like.  Many people think viscose is a synthetic fibre, although it is actually made of regenerated cellulose fibre.  

You should be careful when you wash viscose.  It is a light delicate material and it tends to shrink.  Therefore, wash it at as low a temperature as possible, and preferably by hand or on a special “delicates” programme on your washing machine.

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At Selfmade®, formerly known as STOFF & STIL, you can find a large selection of viscose in solid colours or patterned prints, and it is an obvious choice if you are considering sewing a stunning dress for weekend parties. It is soft and comfortable against the skin, and it falls beautifully along the body.  

However, it is a material that tends to crease easily, so you will often need to iron it before wearing it. If you wear a shirt or dress in this material, nobody will guess you have made it yourself and you will feel elegant and stylish, and ready for a good night out.

Buy your viscose fabrics from us today.  We have a wide selection of quality fabrics and many different types of yarn, so you can create your very own personal things, or perhaps surprise your loved ones with your handiwork.