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Table runners for every occasion

When it's party time, it's decoration time!  The table is what guests notice first when they enter the room, so it is important to decorate it beautifully.  The table decoration should be inspiring and inviting, so your guests see how much thought went into it.

The arrangement of the table and the decoration demands something truly unique, and there is nothing better as a guest than to sit at a beautiful and well-arranged table.  Table runners and decorations give you the opportunity to show your creative side.  

Maybe you already have a theme in mind and have thought of the colour of the tablecloth, lights and napkins – but don't forget that a beautiful table runner can do wonders for the table decoration.  

A table runner can be used at all kinds of parties and you can tone the look of your table up or down depending on what colours and material you choose and the effect you are seeking.

Add a splash of colour to your table setting


At Selfmade®, formerly known as STOF & STIL, we have a huge selection of beautiful table runners. We have everything from patterned and striped table runners made from fabric to different kinds of decorative tissue, organza, lace and woven materials.  In short, we have table runners to suit every occasion and taste, depending on your needs. Besides this, you can customize your table runner to fit your table precisely. 

Get your party started at STOFF & STIL/Selfmade®


You will find everything you need for your festive table decoration at Selfmade®. Complete your look with a matching table cloth in beautiful woven cotton or classy jacquard