Hessian fabric

Here at Selfmade®, formerly known as STOFF & STIL, we sell Hessian, also known as Jute fabric or burlap, by the metre.

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What is Hessian fabric?

Hessian is a characteristically loose-weave fabric with a coarse structure. Hessian is easy to work with and because of the rustic look it doesn’t need to be perfectly sewn.

It is an environmentally friendly material. Hessian is made from plant-based fibre, usually jute, which is sustainable and quick-growing. The material is completely biodegradable too!

Hessian brings a rustic touch to your home because of its rough look. This durable and weaved fabric have been used for decoration for many years now.

t is suitable for Christmas tree mats, tablecloths and decoration, etc. Whether you want to sew your own Christmas tree mat or create cute hessian material sacks and stockings for the kids, we have exactly what you need.

Discover a range of hessian fabrics in different colours and weaves for your next sewing project. For example for Easter, you can make baskets or placemats. It brings some kind of spring feeling to the home and brings the nature inside. It gives a lovely look together with other fabrics also.


Sew a skirt for your Christmas tree 

Christmas tree skirts are most often made in hessian. As Christmas tree skirts are often passed down from one generation to the next, your skirt obviously needs to be durable.

So if you want to make a traditional Christmas tree skirt, we recommend that you use hessian fabric. Even though the fabric has a coarse structure, you can easily add a personal touch.

For example, if you choose a light colour of hessian fabric, you can decorate your rug using our textile dyes or textile paints. Decorating a Christmas tree skirt is a great creative activity so your children can join in. Unleash your imagination. Try hand-printing and much more.

You can also embroider small cute motifs on your Christmas tree skirt. For a special finishing touch, sew on a decorative ribbon.

If your Christmas tree rug is round or oval, choose a bias binding as it curves seamlessly to follow the rounded edge as you sew.

You can also sew a pretty Christmas tablecloth in hessian fabric. Decorate it with fine lace edging, or iron-on or sew-on patches. Add personal details to your Christmas tree rug or Christmas tablecloth. To inspire you, we have designed a sewing pattern for a Christmas tree skirt that you can make in hessian and other fabrics.

The fabric is also perfect for Christmas because Santa Claus has a sack in this material. You can also make Christmas stockings to hang on the chimney.


How to use Hessian fabric

You can also use hessian to make cute jute bags with rope drawstring – for example, for storing shoes. You can also use a jute bag as cute gift wrap or as a tote bag for carrying shopping. Tote bags are environmentally friendly, durable and therefore an excellent substitute for plastic bags. With a hessian tote bag, you can add style and express yourself any way you please.

Hessian fabric is the perfect choice for your creative projects when you want a natural, rustic look. Cover your flower pots with hessian for a beautiful natural look that decorates your plants indoors and outdoors.

Our hessian is available in natural, earthy colours that are ideal for table cloths, table decorations and decorations generally.  

We recommend that you machine-sew around the edge of your hessian to prevent it from fraying.  As hessian is a natural product, the jute fibres tend to fuzz and shed lint when washed. You should therefore refrain from washing hessian before use.

What is the difference between burlap and hessian?

Hessian is the name for the material in the UK, Australia and other countries around the world. In the USA, hessian is more commonly referred to as burlap. You can use both names interchangeably. You might find materials labelled as more than just hessian.

We have some organic hessian fabrics as well as coarse hessian fabrics. They will have different weights and tighter or loose weaves, but they are both made from jute and can be called hessian or burlap.