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At Selfmade®, formerly known as Stoff & Stil, we have a very wide range of hobby articles. We want to be able to offer you everything you need for your creative projects in one place so you don’t need to be looking all over the internet for a specific product.

We have everything from textile pens and articles for making jewellery to hobby foam, rhinestones and sequins You can use all the hobby articles together with our large selection of yarn and fabrics. Only your imagination can put an end to the possibilities you have using our wide range of products.

Sew a plain blouse or t-shirt, which you and your child can put your personal touch on together using textile pens or textile paint. You can also decorate your clothes with sequins, rhinestones and studs.

If you are thinking about updating your selection of hobby articles you have most certainly come to the right place. With Selfmade® mood boards, you can name your own projects and arrange all the products you need into specific mood boards made for each project. We have a wide range of free patterns, which can inspire you for your next project.

We like our supply to always be updated with the latest hobby articles. Therefore we have new collections and catalogues coming out twice a year. All of our products have a detailed instruction, so you know exactly what you order. We deliver all of our products to your door within 5-7 days so you can get started on your creative projects right away.  

Welcome to our unique and creative universe. We would love to hear from you if you think there is something missing in our selection or you simply need some help choosing the right products. Please contact us at any time and let’s figure out something together.