At selfmade® we support organic because it's better for you and better for the environment. Our organic fabrics, sewing thread and yarn consist of a minimum of 95% organic content and meet the highest international standards for organic production. You can also choose partially organic products, which consist of an organic content of between 25%-95%.

If you buy a Selfmade® / STOFF & STIL ORGANIC product, you can be assured that it meets the highest international standards with regard to organic production, environmental issues and social conditions throughout the production chain.

Organic Production

To protect the environment and you, our ORGANIC products are treated with gentle substances rather than the toxic chemicals that are often used in textile production. The dyes and additives we use comply with environmental and health standards.

Environmental issues 

To conserve the environment, our ORGANIC products are produced in accordance with stringent regulations regarding wastewater treatment and minimizing the use of chemical substances. We have clear targets and procedures for reducing water and energy consumption.

Social conditions

The farmers who grow the raw materials for our ORGANIC products are guaranteed good working conditions. Slavery and child labour in production are prohibited.

Our ORGANIC range

The products in the Selfmade® / STOFF & STIL ORGANIC range include sewing thread, yarns and fabrics, all of which are subject to the stringent organic production standards. The organic fibre percentage in our ORGANIC products is stated in the composition.   

We have a lovely selection in each of these three product groups. You can also buy patterns for everything from decorations to children's clothing, where organic products are a particularly obvious choice.

We also offer a range of buttons produced from natural material. If the buttons are dyed, the dyes and additives we use comply with environmental and health standards.