Sewing patterns for women's clothing and accessories

Explore our exclusive range of sewing patterns for women's clothing and accessories. Here you'll find everything from elegant dresses to comfortable everyday wear to suit every style and occasion.

The sizes of the patterns on this page range from 8 to 18. We also have a large selection of plus-size sewing patterns, in sizes 18-32. You can find our sewing patterns for plus-size women here. 

Unique sewing patterns for women's clothing: Create your own clothes

At Selfmade® you'll find everything you need to create your own unique clothing. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced seamstress, we offer a comprehensive selection of sewing patterns for women's clothing, as well as the best fabrics. Our collection ranges from classic patterns to modern designs, making it easy for you to sew your own dresses, blouses and more.


A world of women's clothing patterns

Our collection includes a lot of women's clothing patterns. Here you'll find sewing patterns for dresses, blouses, pants, jackets and much more! You can  order the great, revamped Selfmade sewing patterns with their easy sewing instructions. Or the well-known sewing patterns from German Burda. 


Sewing patterns from Selfmade: Created to perfection, designed for you


Did you know that Selfmade® sewing patterns are designed in-house by our own skilled pattern designers and seamstresses? We do this to ensure you get unique, well-thought-out designs.


Our patterns aren't just drawings on paper; they're carefully cut out on fleece. Pattern fleece is not only durable, but can also be used over and over again without tearing. 

Even better, you can easily rip the pieces together to see if you need to make adjustments to your cut before you cut and sew your fabric. 


Burda sewing patterns for women

Our collection of sewing patterns for women also includes a large number of Burda sewing patterns. German Burda is known for creating high-quality patterns in many different styles and categories. Shop all Burda sewing patterns here. 


Dress sewing patterns: Your way to a unique wardrobe

Our dress sewing patterns are designed to inspire your creativity. Choose from several dress patterns to suit every style and occasion  See all dress patterns here.


Create blouses that accentuate your style

Create your own blouse collection with our blouse sewing patterns. From casual designs to more festive blouses, we have the perfect pattern to match your style. Or give your wardrobe a timeless update with casual shirts and shirt jackets. 

No matter which type of blouse you prefer, we have a sewing pattern to help you get started on your sewing project. See all blouse patterns here. 


Sewing patterns for jackets, coats, outerwear and vests

Update your wardrobe with our sewing patterns for jackets and coats. Whether it's for chilly autumn days or cold winter nights, you'll find the perfect pattern here. See all jacket and coat patterns here

Or maybe you're more into a furry vest or a stylish anorak? We can help you with that too, so you can be prepared for all types of weather with smart, homemade vests and outerwear designed for both functionality and fashion. 


Sewing Pants Pattern - Comfort and style go hand in hand

Oplev vores udvalg af symønstre til bukser. Vores mønstre kombinerer komfort og stil, så du kan skabe bukser, der passer perfekt til din figur. Se alle buksemønstre her.


Sew your own skirts for everyday wear and parties

Our skirt sewing patterns are versatile and flattering. Create everything from an elegant pencil skirt to a playful circle skirt. See all skirt sewing patterns here.


We're more than just a store - we're a source of inspiration and creativity. Whether you want to create a whole new wardrobe or simply add a personal touch to your existing clothes, we have the right sewing patterns for you. Let us help you bring your ideas to life!