Chiffon is a semi-transparent fabric with a voluminous drape, making it suitable for dresses, tops and blouses.

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Chiffon, voile and sheer fabric - a delightful translucent fabric

Welcome to Selfmade®, formerly known as STOFF & STIL. We have a wide range of semitransparent fabric chiffon. Chiffon has a beautiful drape and is very nice for the use of making dresses, tops and blouses – even shirts.

Chiffon fabric is made of 100% polyester. It is a light fabric, which feels good to wear. Especially in the summertime when the weather is warm. We have different colours, designs and prints. Our chiffon at STOFF & STIL has very high quality because we know how important it is to work with good materials.

Even though the chiffon is a high-quality product, we sell it at a very nice price. We want being creative to actually mean something in the world and we want to show that it is much more fun making your own stuff and putting your own touch to it than buying everything in stores. Don’t you think so too?

We sell our chiffon fabric per meter. You don’t need to buy whole meters though. You can also get ideas on how to use the chiffon fabrics under each fabric. It is only our recommendations, so you are the one to decide what to make of it.

Chiffon can also be nice to combine with other fabrics from our webshop – you can see our entire assortment of fabrics here.

At Selfmade® we always give you good advice and guidance, so you are more than welcome to contact us if you need any help. If not you can just take a look around here on our webpage; here you will find everything you need for your knitting, crochet, sewing and hobby projects – regardless of whether you have lots of experience or have just gotten started working on your very first project.