Lace fabric

Lace is elegant, chic and beautiful – so it's no coincidence that we often encounter it in the fashion world. With lace, you can create an elegant evening gown, a beautiful and stylish sweater for daily wear or special events, or sew a lovely tablecloth or table runner for the festive table when guests come to visit

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Lace fabric for clothing and home decorations


Lace can be used for many things thanks to its elegant fabric and pattern. At Selfmade®/STOFF & STIL we have assembled an elegant range of lace fabric that makes it easy for you to order fabric in the measurements you require. On this page, you will find lace fabric in a variety of lace patterns and colours. Here you will easily find beautiful and elegant lace fabric that suits your sewing project.

Lace for romantic styles


If you like the romantic style, you're sure to like lace. With its fine threads, pretty patterns and lightweight fabrics, lace is almost the epitome of romance. On this page, you can find lace fabrics woven in different patterns. Whether you prefer large or small lace, you will find fabrics with beautiful lace patterns that allow you to create elegant styles.

If you are sewing a nice top that lacks feminine detail, you may want to add lace as a detail in the back. Lace can provide a beautiful and almost transparent back. Lace is also a traditional material to use when sewing a classic christening robe. Lace adds a lovely touch to the long robe. Whether you need to sew a christening robe for a boy or girl, you will find lace fabric in beautiful colours suitable for both boys and girls.

If you are more interested in creating furnishings, lace is also a great choice for adding fine details to the home. Lace can be used for decorative cushions that provide an elegant touch to your home. And lace always looks attractive on the table – either as a tablecloth or table runner, adding a lovely extra detail to your table setting.

So take a look at our selection of lace fabrics and order the pattern and colour that best suits your project. If you need matching sewing thread you will find a wide selection online.