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Tapestry fabric

Tapestry fabric, also known as Gobelin tapestry or Gobelin fabric, is a durable and strong woven material, available in different colours. 

Traditionally, tapestry fabric is a material that is primarily used to make pillows, blankets and tablecloths. Nowadays, it can be used for so much more. Some people use it for garments and accessories, to create something unique. So, if you are creative there is no limit to what you can make from tapestry fabrics.

Tapestry fabrics in different colours and patterns


At Selfmade®, formerly known as STOF & STIL,  we are happy to offer a huge selection of different tapestry fabrics. For creative people, there is no limit to what can be created from these colourful materials.

For example, you can make your own unique pillows from a beautiful, multi-coloured Gobelin fabric. If you love minimalism, you can break the classic look with this pattern and use more flowery decoration. If you prefer flowery patterns and lots of colours, a homemade blanket from tapestry fabric will be a guaranteed hit in your house.

With our selection here on this site, it is even possible to create seasonal looks for home decoration. 

Get your tapestry fabric at STOFF & STIL/Selfmade®


At Selfmade® we have a huge selection of fabrics available by the metre, so you only pay for as much as you need. The minimum order quantity is just 25 cm!