Designcomp 17

She won first place in Selfmade's very first design competition for her combination dress, the Moon Dress.


Read (or re-read) our spring 2022 interview with winner Filippa Fuxe. Among other things, we asked her how it feels to develop her idea into a real sewing pattern.


What was it like to be part of the Selfmade® design competition?

“It was really exciting! I chose to enter the competition because I share many of Selfmade’s values, for example sustainability and the whole idea of being one’s own designer. Both of these are essential to my design. I sought to create a dress for every occasion, one that you can style in various ways, and one that would be wearable for years to come.


Originally, I painted some parts of the dress with textile dyes, as this meant that I could continue to wear a new an unique dress again and again. The final look depends entirely on the person who will be wearing it. Ultimately, the maker is her own designer.


What has it been like to develop a real sewing pattern?

“I had never worked with a professional design team before. It was an absolutely inspiring cooperation for me to take part in. I was fascinated by the professional interchanges and impressed how everyone put forward their thoughts and ideas right up to the point at which we reached our goal.


We made minor adjustments to the dress in the process. For example, we added a zipper and reduced the patch at the waistline in size but I am delighted with the finished item! I haven’t yet quite got my head around the fact that I will be seeing my very own sewing pattern in the stores.” 


What are your dreams for the future?

“At the moment, I dream of making a career for myself in innovative fashion. When I start on a new project, sustainability is always one of the cornerstones. It’s something we have to take into account if we are to preserve the environment.


I don’t yet know in which direction my career will take me. Only time will tell.”


Create the moon dress

We love Fillipa’s designs and her focus on creating a dress that can constantly be given new life.


With three different sleeves - or none at all - you can change the look of your dress and make it look like a whole new dress.


Find the sewing pattern for the Moon Dress here and unleash your creativity!


Fillippa Fuxe is studying Fashion Design at Beckman's College of Design in Stockholm. Follow her here: @filippafuxe.