1200X800 Textile Paint For Children

The textile paint comes in all colours of the rainbow and in buckets large enough for children's hands to get properly tucked in pretending to be little brushes - no rest for the little artists, there's work to be done.


This one is for everyone. The Mucki finger paint from Kreul comes in heaps of colours and invites everyone to join the creative playground. Stick your fingers into the paint letting your fingers do the work of a brush or make fun prints with potato cut outs. Life's too short for tedious paint work - go crazy!

Use all your senses using finger paint.

Our incredible MUCKI finger paint is water based and contains no hazardous chemicals. Which is why children can freely play with it. Children aged 2 years and above can use this finger paint and have all the fun in the world.


The large opening of the bucket makes it easy for little fingers or hands to get tucked in.


Another option could be to pour it onto plates or into bowls. This also enables you to mix the colours.


Finger paint is durable in use and with a pleasant consistency, and easy to wash off in tepid water.


After use, leave your project to dry for a minimum of six hours, before heat-fixing it with an iron. Cover your project, i.e. with a tea towel or another cloth, to protect it during fixation. 


Mucki finger paint is available in little beginner sets with four basic colours: yellow, red, blue and green; there's also a beginner set of four glitter colours in pink, blue, silver and gold. There's no time to waste getting started making your own mark on your projects. Other colours can be added as you go; offered individually.

Play around with different techniques

Textile painting with children needn't limit you to doing just small and simple projects. Quite the contrary. Playing with textile paint opens a whole world of opportunities!


For instance how about setting the table using a tablecloth decorated with small fingerprints? Not only does it set a casual and festive tone but it's also lots of fun to make. Apply the paint to the palms of the hands and place them on the cloth.


Another idea could be to make pretty prints using vegetables, for intance fun potato prints, where you cut the potatoes into different shapes. Are you going to go for pretty pineapple, a cool pattern or something third? Let your imagination run wild!


Finger paint has no set rules, so don't hold back using sponges, brushes and anything at hand that tickles your fancy. Why not try dipping glasses into the paint and make pretty circles, or dip a piece of string in the paint, pulling it over your project leaving fine traces and patterns.


Let your imagination run free playing with textile paint and be taken into new creative heights!

1600X1600 Textile Paint For Children