Cushion cover DIY5010_cushion_sew.jpg
Cushion cover DIY5010-step.jpg

  1. 1.How to Cut 2 pieces of fabric each 42 cm x 42 cm.
  2. 2.Cut 1 piece of Style-Vil 42 cm x 42 cm.
  3. 3.Draw the stitching on the Style-Vil, see drawing.
  4. 4.Stitch the Style-Vil onto the wrong side of one of the fabric pieces and with 0.5 cm seam allowance.
  5. 5.Stitch following the lines.
  6. 6.Stitch the 2 pieces of fabric together right side against right side with 1 cm seam allowance, leave a piece open to turn through.
  7. 7.Turn inside out, place the cushion inside the cover and stitch together the hole.

Cushion cover