Cushion with tucks DIY8028_image.jpg

  1. 1.Cut two square/rectangular pieces of fabric measuring 50 x 50 cm/60 x 35 cm. The pattern includes a 1 cm seam allowance. Mark the tucks as shown in the drawing on page 2.
  2. Cushion with tucks DIY8028-step2.jpg
    2.The distance between the marks is 6 cm. If you wish, secure with pins.
  3. Cushion with tucks DIY8028-step3.jpg
    3.Sew a line of stitching 0.5 cm from the edge along the marks. Don’t forget to weave in ends at the start and end of the stitching. Repeat for each tuck.
  4. Cushion with tucks DIY8028-step4.jpg
    4.Lay fabric pieces right sides together. Sew along all the edges (1 cm seam allowance). Leave a 35 cm gap at the bottom for turning. Turn the cushion over to the right side. Insert the cushion into the cover. Hand or machine stitch to close the gap.

Cushion with tucks