Heating pad DIY3024_heating_pad_sew.png

  1. Heating pad Diy3024-step.jpg
    1.Cut two pieces of fabric, each measuring 74 cm x 29 cm. Stitch the two pieces right sides together. Press.
  2. Heating pad Diy3024-step2.jpg
    2.Fold ends to the wrong side (1 cm hem allowance). Sew and press.Turn right side out. Sew two rows of stitching length ways through both layers to form 3 channels.
  3. Heating pad Diy3024-step3.jpg
    3.Sew a row of stitching down through the middle of the heating pad. Divide the long side into six equal parts and mark with a water-soluble marker.
  4. Heating pad Diy3024-step4.jpg
    4.Fill 55 g of cherry stones into each of the three channels. Sew along the marks to form three pockets containing cherry stones. Fill and sew the next pockets in the same way. When the last row of pockets is full, sew ends together using an edge stitch. The pen marks can be removed with cold water.

Heating pad