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  1. Multi-purpose mattress Diy5006-step.jpg
    1.How to Fold the sides of the strap in towards the centre, fold the strap at the centre and stitch together using edge stitch.
  2. Multi-purpose mattress Diy5006-step2.jpg
    2.Stitch straps on one piece top/bottom, straps are placed 17 cm from the side and stitched on 2 by 2. Press the long sides of top/bottom 1 cm onto the reverse.
  3. 3.Stitch top and bottom at both ends right sides together, turn, press.
  4. 4.Stitch the long side together using edge stitch.
  5. Multi-purpose mattress Diy5006-step3.jpg
    5.Stitch ”pockets” to pillows with 33 cm space.
  6. 6.Place the 4 pillows into the pockets.
  7. 7.Stitch the last side together using edge stitch.