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A yarn with all the great properties of wool

Natural Lonolin Wool is a natural wool yarn that has all the amazing properties of wool. This means that the yarn has maximum elasticity and good warmth and insulation, even when the garment is damp and wet.

Natural wool grease makes the difference

After dyeing, lanolin, a natural wool grease, is added to increase the wool's self-cleaning and water-repellent properties. This gives you a yarn that is perfect for woollen underwear, socks and all types of leisure and sportswear.

Create lots of projects for the little ones

Natural Lanolin Wool is a great choice when you want to make projects for the little ones. How about making a new cardigan, vest or sweater? Or maybe use it to make cute mittens and hats or other accessories? This yarn is great for patterned knitting, cable knitting, Aran sweater patterns and almost any kind of textured pattern.

Good to know about lanolin

The lanolin is gradually washed out of clothes. We recommend using a wool treatment with natural lanolin, which will make clothes soft and elastic again.


Tip: Natural Lanolin Wool can be felted. Remember that bleached white yarn cannot be felted (natural white is not bleached).