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Create Atmosphere with Textiles 

If you're starting to sew cushions and pads for a beautiful outdoor setting in the garden, on the balcony, in the summer house, or on the boat? You'll need a material that's durable, water-resistant, and doesn't fade in the sun.  


At first glance, this fabric may seem like rough, attractive cotton, but it's made of 100% acrylic, ensuring it has the exact properties you require for outdoor DIY projects.  


Outdoor Upholstery Fabric 

The challenge with outdoor upholstery is its need to withstand the elements (whether it's summer rain or the relentless sun from dawn till dusk), feel comfortable against bare skin, and still look good.  


This fabric meets all these requirements. It feels like cotton, is breathable, water-resistant, and offers high UV resistance. 


If you need a cushion for pool areas, hot tubs, or boats, this fabric is also an excellent choice as it's resistant to chlorine and saltwater.  


What is cerdalon? 

Cerdalon is made of coloured acrylic fibres. It's suitable for outdoor upholstery because it's resistant to chlorine and saltwater, has high lightfastness, and good durability. Cerdalon is available in solid colours and yarn-dyed stripes. 


We recommend ironing it regularly to restore its water and dirt-repellent properties.


Cerdalon, also known as Dralon

Cerdalon is a popular material for outdoor furniture and textiles, and it's also known under the name Dralon. Dralon is a registered trademark for a type of acrylic fibre often used in producing outdoor textiles. Its popularity stems from its durability, resistance to UV rays, water, and chlorine, as well as its easy maintenance. Whether called Cerdalon or Dralon, it's a top choice for those seeking a durable and aesthetically pleasing material for outdoor use.


Purchase the length you need for your project, and remember the right sewing needles – we recommend using universal needles in size 90/100.