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Item No. 3511091

5 mm elastic band on a roll

Want to make sure you (almost) always have enough elastic in stock for your next DIY project? With a classic 5mm elastic band on a roll, you get 100 metres of elastic and plenty of opportunities to complete your latest project with practical and durable elastic.


Now it's just a matter of letting the ideas flow freely and turning them into cool creations at the sewing machine.


This narrow elastic is 5 mm wide and has a good elasticity that lasts wash after wash. The elastic is crocheted from polyester/elastane.


A versatile elastic band

The elastic is similar to the one you might have seen in the sewing box in your childhood home. It's practical, soft and good for you. Use it to create a nice finish and ruffle effect at the neckline of a dress or top - or how about creating a balloon effect or total puff on your sleeves?


At the same time, it’s the perfect ”go-to” elastic band festive masks suitable for events such as Shrove Tuesday and Halloween.


This elastic band can be washed at 60° and tumble dried at low heat.