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Item No. 28333

Unleash your creativity with Hama Midi ironing beads! This package contains approximately 1000 colorful beads, allowing you to create endless patterns and figures. Perfect for craft enthusiasts of all ages, these beads are used with pegboards to create your own unique designs. Follow the simple guide: place the beads on a pegboard, cover with ironing paper, and melt them together with an iron under adult supervision. Once melted together, they can easily be removed from the reusable pegboard, ready to be displayed. Experience the joy of creating with Hama Midi ironing beads - a fun and creative pastime for the whole family.

  • Contains approximately 1000 beads in various colors.
  • Easy to use with pegboards and ironing paper.
  • Requires adult supervision during ironing.
  • Promotes creativity and fine motor skills.
  • The pegboard can be reused for new projects.