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Micro Satin - the satin with the soft drape

There are many different grades of satin. This 100% polyester micro satin stands out for its beautiful, extra soft and natural drape, perfect for those who sew satin tops and dresses and want to utilise the soft drape in their designs.


The satin has the familiar glossy front and matt back and is available in many colour nuances.


Satin for your next creative idea

Micro Satin is suitable for both clothes and bags. Maybe you want to sew a simple and elegant party dress or create beautiful draping with a cool matching clutch? The only limit is your imagination.


The fabric is 145 cm wide and shrinks about 3% in the wash. It can be washed at 40°, always hang dry and iron at low heat.


TIP: Satin weaves are not very forgiving when it comes to needle marks. A good way to avoid damage is to start with a fresh needle, as a damaged needle is more likely to stick to the fabric and leave marks. Also, use extra fine pins in the seam allowance to minimise holes. Search "9 tips for sewing satin" for more tips. 


What is satin?

Satin refers to the way the fabric is woven, where one side of the material is smooth and shiny. For this satin you will need microtex needles.