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Item No. 44927

Are you looking for the perfect way to attach thicker materials like leather?  

Prym has just the thing for you! Meet Prym vario rivets 6-9mm Ø 9mm 12pcs - the ideal solution to assemble your thicker materials with professionalism and precision. 

Prym vario rivets 6-9mm Ø 9mm 12pcs are specially designed for riveting thicker materials like leather. These rivets have a diameter of 6-9mm and a disc diameter of 9mm. The set contains 12 stainless steel brass rivets, ensuring that your work not only looks professional but also has the strength and durability it deserves. 

Use with Vario Creative Tool 

For the best results, we recommend using these rivets together with the Vario Creative Tool (Item number: 44919) (Prym: 390 903). This tool makes it easy to correctly attach the rivets and ensures that your project looks polished and professional. Note that the rivet tool is available separately (Item number: 44922) (Prym: 673 128). 

Make your next DIY project a success with Prym vario rivets 6-9mm Ø 9mm 12pcs. Whether you're working with leather or other thick materials, these rivets will help you create a beautiful and durable project. Remember to purchase the Vario Creative Tool and Prym vario creative rivet tool to get the best results.