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Item No. 39227

Discover the ideal DIY kit for creating a fascinating activity toy designed to stimulate and entertain your child. This set contains everything you need to create a sensory masterpiece that arouses curiosity and promotes your child's sensory development. Contents:

- Safety eyes: 2 pairs (5 mm), to give the toy life.

- Wooden beads: 17 pieces (D15 mm), perfect for adding a natural texture.

- Polyester cord: 2 meters, for easy assembly and hanging.

- Bamboo mobile with holes, ready for creative decoration.

Please note that yarn, stuffing, and crochet hook are not included in the kit. To complete your project, you will need approximately 100 g of yarn. We recommend "Fraya colourful" or "Fraya soft" for a soft and colorful result.

The set does not come with a pattern, but it can easily be downloaded from this page. Simply search for FRAYA6067.

The story behind: This activity toy is created with the aim of stimulating the baby's senses. Its unique sound properties make it exciting for the child to explore and play with, up to the age of 1 or even longer. A perfect project for the creative soul who wants to give a meaningful and personal gift.