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Create an enchanting stroller chain with the Kit from Go handmade, perfect for adding a personal and creative touch to your stroller. This set provides everything you need to make a charming chain that will delight and entertain your child during outings. The kit is designed for creative souls who love DIY projects and combines craftsmanship with safety and aesthetics.

Contents of the Kit:

- Safety eyes: 2 pairs (5 mm), to give your figures life.

- Wooden beads: 6 pieces (D20 mm), adding a natural charm.

- Elastic cord: 1 meter, for easy assembly and adjustment.

- Ring links: 2 pieces (D60 mm), to secure the chain to the stroller.

Note: The kit does not include yarn, stuffing, crochet hook, or pattern.

To complete your project, it is recommended to use 100 g of yarn, with an additional 50 cm of black yarn for details such as eyebrows and nose. "Fraya colourful" or "Fraya soft!" yarn is recommended for the best result.

Find the free pattern by searching for FRAYA6063.

A stroller chain is not only decorative but also a source of joy and entertainment for your child. It is recommended that the figures hang freely from the cord and that the child does not pull on the chain or figures themselves. This DIY kit from Go handmade is your way to create a unique and safe toy that will follow you on all adventures.

- Recommended yarn consumption: 100 g + 50 cm black for details

- Yarn recommendation: "Fraya colourful" or "Fraya soft!"

- Free pattern: Search for FRAYA6063.