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Experience the magic of creating with our "Sensory Activity Toy" kit, designed to awaken your baby's senses! This carefully curated set includes everything you need to make an interactive toy that captures and holds your baby's attention. From the clicking sounds of crinkly cellophane and a rattle box to the soft vibrations of the squeaker, each element will stimulate your baby's hearing and sense of touch, and help develop their motor skills.

Please note that yarn, stuffing, and a crochet hook are not included in the kit, giving you the freedom to choose materials that best suit your little one's sensitivity and your personal preferences.


Eyes (1 pair, 10 mm)

Wooden ring (D75 mm)

Crinkly cellophane (1 piece, 10 x 10 cm)

Rattle box (1 piece, 22 mm)

Squeaker (2 pieces, 25 mm)

- Note: The kit does not include yarn, stuffing, and a crochet hook

- Recommended yarn: "Fraya colourful" or "Fraya soft" (100 g + 50 cm for details)

- Free pattern: Search for FRAYA6062

Ideal from newborn to 1 year old - and perhaps even longer - this activity toy is not only fun but also a valuable resource in your baby's development.