€ 3.50/pc(s)

Item No. 39213

Soft and Luxurious Quality

Your next creative project deserves only the best! These soft TPE hearts from Go Handmade are perfect for adding that little extra to your homemade sensory toy. Made from TPE, a material known for its exceptional softness, this heart will undoubtedly bring joy to both little girls and boys.  

Handmade Finish

Go Handmade's dedication to quality shines through in their products. Each TPE figure is meticulously refined by skilled hands, and as you feel around the heart, you will instantly notice the high quality. 

Certified and Safe

Your child's safety is our top priority. These TPE hearts have been tested and have passed the certification for non-harmful substances. They come with the EN71-1,2,3 certificate, ensuring they are safe for your child to play with. 

A Friendly Reminder

Even though our materials are safe, always be cautious when creating something for the little ones. Be careful with the assembly, avoid knots and loops, and always check your handiwork carefully before use. Be aware of signs of damage or wear.