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Item No. 910312

Teddy - now with pattern

Do you know teddy? Soft and fluffy fabric that's easy to cuddle. This fabric has the same nice quality and at the same time a nice pattern with artistic twists in the modern colour combination terracotta and blue.


The lovely pattern opens up a lot of creative projects. Of course, you can sew a teddy bear with twisted fur - it's sure to be really cute. Or how about a bedspread with matching pillows?


Sew soft clothes for cold days

And then there are the clothes. You'll just want to snuggle up in this fluffy fabric on chilly days. Wear it with a fluffy vest - maybe a nice long one of those - that's perfect as the outer layer of your layer-on-layer outfit.


The fabric is soft, warm and fluffy with a bit of elastic, so it's perfect for everything from gloves and slippers to bags and pillows.


Please remember to use jersey needles (item no. 46799 or 46028) when sewing in fleece.


Practical information about teddy

The fabric measures 155 cm in width, while you decide the length by the metre. You can expect it to shrink about 3% in the wash (the fabric can be washed at 40°). Therefore, we recommend that you wash the fabric before sewing your project to ensure the best result.