€ 26.50/m.

Item No. 910321

Create your own teddy chair 

Or cushions, teddy bears, and other soft projects with this lovely fabric quality. The name says it all: The fabric is teddy-bear-soft, warm, and fluffy. It's a beautifully coarse quality, which gives just the right expression to your creative project.  

Teddy fabric measures 145 cm in width and is sold by the metre. It's made of 100% polyester, can be washed at 40°, and shrinks about 3% after washing.  

The advantage of upholstery fabric  

Teddy is an upholstery fabric of a durable quality with backing, so you can use it for seat cushions in chairs and sofas. The backing is beige, matching perfectly with the front, giving the fabric the right firmness, ensuring it's both compact and retains its shape, while still being super soft on the outside. The fabric has a Martindale of 20,000. 

But just because it's upholstery fabric, you can definitely use it for countless other exciting projects – for example, a fluffy bag, where the backing means you don't need to create a separate lining. How clever! 

Choose the right needle 

Upholstery fabric is generally heavy-duty, and therefore we recommend using universal needles size 100 and/or overlock needles EL x 705 CR. 

What is Martindale? 

Martindale provides information about the fabric's wear resistance. The higher the Martindale, the more durable the fabric is.  

If you're using the fabric for furniture upholstery, we recommend choosing a material with a minimum of 20,000 Martindale.