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Breathe New Life into Your Faulty Zipper 

This ZlideOn is crafted from metal and is designed to fit zippers with metal or plastic teeth. The precise dimensions for a compatible zipper are: 

Width: 5.00-5.20mm 

Height: 2.00-2.25mm 

Please ensure you check the measurements of your zipper to guarantee the ZlideOn fits perfectly. 

With our ZlideOn for metal/plastic in XS size, you can now quickly and easily repair your defective zippers. This nifty little helper is tailored to bring your old zipper back to life, eliminating the need for tedious repairs. 

Perfect for Your Jeans and Much More 

This ZlideOn is ideal for almost all jeans but can also be used to mend the zippers on bags, purses, and other similar items. With ZlideOn in your DIY toolbox, you can effortlessly extend the life of your favourite items. 

ZlideOn: How It Works 

Ready to fix your zipper? With ZlideOn, it's easier than you might think: 

1. Firstly, remove the old zipper slider (clip it off with pliers or similar). 

2. Ensure the ZlideOn is open (hold the bottom part steady and pull the slider as far back as possible). 

3. Attach the ZlideOn to your zipper. If the zipper is closed at a point, fit the ZlideOn there. If the zipper has a stopper, place the ZlideOn on the side with the larger part of the stopper. If the zipper isn't closed or has no stopper, cross the sides and press the ZlideOn together at the crossing. 

4. Close the ZlideOn by pressing its top and bottom parts together with your fingers. 

Your zipper is now repaired and ready for use again! With ZlideOn, we make it easy to maintain favourites and embrace the "do-it-yourself" approach. So, get creative, be environmentally conscious, and be Selfmade®.