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Easily Repair Your Zipper with ZlideOn 

This ZlideOn is made of metal and is suitable for metal zippers with the following dimensions: 

Width: 5.70-6.10mm 

Height: 2.40-2.60mm 

Have you ever experienced the zipper on your favourite jacket, bag, or wallet breaking? With ZlideOn, you can quickly and easily repair your zipper, giving your favourite items a new lease of life. 

ZlideOn - a lifesaver for your favourites 

This ZlideOn is a clever tool that allows you to repair the zipper on your favourite items. From jackets and hoodies to handbags and wallets, you can revive your favourite things without having to throw them away just because the zipper is broken.  

How to easily repair the zipper 

You don't need a seamstress or tailor to use ZlideOn. Follow these steps, and your zipper will soon be ready for use again: 

  1. First, remove the old zipper slider (cut it off with pliers or similar).  
  2. Ensure the ZlideOn is open (hold the bottom part still and pull the slider back as far as possible until the ZlideOn is open. Do not attempt to open the ZlideOn with a screwdriver or other tools). 
  3. Attach the ZlideOn to your zipper. If the zipper is closed at a point, attach the ZlideOn there. If the zipper has a stopper, attach the ZlideOn on the side with the larger part of the stopper. If the zipper isn't closed or has a stopper, cross the sides and press the ZlideOn together at the cross and keep it closed while pulling the zipper about 10 cm up the first time. 
  4. Close the ZlideOn by pressing the top and bottom parts of the ZlideOn together with your fingers.  
  5. Your zipper is now repaired and ready for use again!  

Extend the life of your favourites 

With ZlideOn, you can repair zippers in a wide range of products, including dresses, pockets, wallets, pillowcases, and much more. Remember, at Selfmade® we have various ZlideOns for different types of zippers. Because we believe in repair and reuse as the way forward - and we love giving your favourite items a new life.