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Easy zipper repairs with ZlideOn

Has your zipper broken? Repair it fast and easy with ZlideOn! With this smart product, you no longer have to throw away your favourite things because the zipper broke.


Pack of 3 ZlideOns for 3 types of zippers

The pack contains three different metal ZlideOns that fit three different types of zippers.

  • 1 ZlideOn in size L for metal zippers with the following dimensions: Width: 5.70 – 6.10 mm / Height: 2.40 – 2.60 mm
  • 1 ZlideOn in size L for plastic zippers with the following dimensions: Width: 5.80 – 6.20 mm / Height: 2.80 – 3.00 mm
  • 1 ZlideOn in size L for spiral zippers with the following dimensions: Width: 6.40 – 6.60 mm / Height: 2.60 – 2.75 mm

It’s a good idea to keep a pack at home – and take it with you on your next trip! 


How to use ZlideOn

Ready to repair your zipper? Instructions:

  1. First remove the old zipper slide (cut it off using wire-cutters or a similar tool).
  2. Make sure ZlideOn is open (hold the lower part still and drag the slider as far back as possible until ZlideOn is open. Do not attempt to open ZlideOn with a screwdriver or similar tool).
  3. Attach ZlideOn to your zipper. If the zipper is closed at some point along its length, attach ZlideOn to the zipper at that point. If the zipper has a stopper, slide ZlideOn onto the side with the larger stopper part. If the zipper is not closed or has a stopper, cross the sides and press ZlideOn on at the intersection. Keep it closed as you pull on the zipper – initially approximately 10 cm.
  4. To close ZlideOn, press the upper and lower parts of ZlideOn together with your fingers.
  5. Your zipper is now repaired and ready for use!


Prolong the lifetime of your favourite items

This ZlideOn pack is perfect for repairing a wide range of items. Repair zippers in jackets, bags, tents, sleeping bags, children's clothing, overalls and much more.