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Here at SELFMADE®, formerly known as STOFF & STIL, we have a wide range of fabrics online in different types, qualities, colours and prints. For example, you can find leather, denim, fleece, quilt, cotton canvas and chiffon. These are just a few of the fabrics we can offer you. We always try to be ahead of fashion, and therefore we change our collections and catalogues twice a year. We have all kinds of fabrics for your new wardrobe or for new interior in your home.

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Organic fabrics

Organic fabric is especially suitable for delicate baby skin and we have a wide range of soft fabrics matching all of the different seasons in a year. For example, we have warming wool for the cold winter and cooling cotton for the hot summer months.    


Excellent quality, attractive prices

We sell all of our fabrics at very attractive prices because we do not want money to be standing in the way of a good and creative project. Everyone should be able to buy high-quality fabrics without limiting their accounts.

Maybe you have found the perfect piece of fabric but do not know what to do with it yet? Check out our large selection of patterns and get inspired by our chamber of ideas right here at SELFMADE®. We have patterns for both crochet, sewing and knitting and ideas for both clothing, interior and toys.    

 Welcome to our creative universe – SELFMADE®.