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Are you sewing something for yourself? Your home? For family, kids or friends? We have grouped all our fabrics, so you can easily find the right fabrics for different sewing projects. 

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SS23 Shopbyproject Bags 1450X1800

The best bags are the ones you create yourself. You decide the size, the number of pockets and the design.
Start here to dive into our selection of fabrics and accessories for bags and purses.
SS23 Shopbyproject Interior 1450X1800

We have a huge selection of home furnishings for you! Choose from many different durable fabrics for upholstering furniture - but also beautiful furniture fabrics for cushion covers, rugs and more.

SS23 Shopbyproject Kids 1450X1800

We have gathered a wonderful selection of fabrics for children of all ages. Here you'll find organic fabrics and OEKO-TEX 100 certified fabrics in great colours - and fun prints.

SS23 Shopbyproject Patchwork 2400X1200

We have everything you need for patchwork. The best fabrics and the smartest tools to help you create a great patchwork project!