Twill fabric

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What is twill fabric


Twill is actually not a fabric type, but a type of weave! The fibres are woven in a diagonal pattern to create a ribbed fabric. The fibres used are usually cotton. You can find both non-stretch twill and stretch twill for different crafts projects.

From what is twill fabric made?


Twill is usually made from cotton to create a medium-weight fabric. However, other fibres can be used to make twill fabric, including silk – this would make a very lightweight twill that would be more suitable for pyjamas and other lightweight clothes.

In general, this type of weave creates fabric that’s less prone to wrinkle and is more water-resistant compared to other weaves using the same fibres.

This does have some downsides, however. The tight twill weave creates fabrics that aren’t very breathable. This makes them ideal for warming, durable clothing like trousers or coats. During the summer, cotton fabrics with a more open weave will be more suitable.

What is cotton twill fabric?


Just like silk twill could be used to create pyjamas, cotton twill is often a fabric used to make clothes too. The twill weave makes it much more durable than other cotton fabrics. It also makes it very strong and solid – it won’t be opaque.

Stretch twill is best for clothing such as women’s suit trousers, while non-stretch twill can be more restrictive. The non-stretch type can be made into fitter suits or even home items, like curtains.

Does twill fabric stretch?


Not all twill is stretch twill fabric. It depends on how the weave is created. The great thing about the stretch twill fabrics at STOFF & STIL is that they’re often 100% cotton. You can enjoy stretchy fabrics that sit comfortably without worrying about synthetic materials touching your skin.

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