Embroidery yarn

Here you will find a large selection of embroidery thread in a wide range of colours.

Our embroidery yarn is 6-thread.



DMC Embroidery yarn - sorted by colour

At Selfmade®, we offer a wide range of DMC embroidery yarn, made of 100 % cotton. The embroidery yarn is six-stranded cotton thread that gives you eight metres of embroidery thread. You can unravel the embroidery yarn to give you up to six separate strands to embroider with.

The number of strands you need for your embroidery project depends on how coarse a fabric you use. The coarser the fabric you embroider on, the more strands you will need.

All our embroidery yarn is Oeko-Tex 100 class and tested free of harmful chemicals.

Our embroidery thread is machine washable at 95°C, with the exception of metallic embroidery yarns. These are washable at 30°C. Iron embroidery yarn at medium heat setting. Dry cleanable.

We offer embroidery yarn in a wide range of colours so you can make beautiful patterns using many different shades. The product names of our embroidery yarns include a number. This is to make it easy for you to reorder the same colour if you run out of yarn before your embroidery project is finished.  


Embroidery: get off to a good start

Before you start, you will need a needle, embroidery yarn and fabric to embroider on. We recommend that you use an embroidery frame/hoop and possibly a marker pen. 

You can choose to embroider on woven fabric such as Aida or our linen/viscose, where it is easy to count threads. You can cross-stitch using our DMC embroidery yarn on an Aida fabric. You can embroider a pattern or a drawing drawn directly onto your fabric.

If you wish to embroider a pattern or drawing, draw your pattern directly onto a piece of water-soluble interlining. Secure water-soluble interlining and fabric in your embroidery hoop before embroidering your pattern with an embroidery needle.

You can also draw your motif directly onto your fabric with our marker pen, and then secure the fabric in the embroidery hoop. The marking pen lines disappear the first time you wash your fabric.

NB: Do not iron directly on marking pen lines at these will then become permanent.

When your embroidery is complete, rinse off the water-soluble interlining in cold water. The interlining dissolves without a trace. The embroidery is left alone on your fabric.  


Special effect yarns

Selfmade® embroidery thread is versatile. You can split the thread into strands. To vary your work, use thick and thin strands in your pattern. It all depends on how many strands you sew with.

If you want to achieve different effects in your embroidery projects, you can use different types of yarn, e.g. cotton or wool. Experiment with different yarn types until you find the effect you want. You can, of course, combine our embroidery yarn with other types of yarn.

Pounce on our embroidery yarn for punch needle project – it is great fun and a quick way to embroider. We stock a wide range of punch needle accessories. Check out our punch needle patterns for inspiration.