Design Competition 2021: the 5 shortlisted

In 2021, we received a total of 143 different design ideas. From these, 5 designs were shortlisted for progress.

The 5 shortlisted in the Selfmade® design competition presented their design to the judging panel and received feedback.

Designcomp 10

A bench for sharing


The Royal Academy Architecture, Design, Preservation


The Design Idea

Multifunctional seating that serves as a bench and small stools. Inspired by the 1960s space design theme, this piece of furniture is created for today’s youngster who generally has a small living space. The sharing bench converts into extra seating in an instant.

The statement of our judges

Viola has made a sculptural item of furniture that is highly functional and decorative. We see huge advantages in the fact that the bench is multifunctional so it can stay with the owner for many years. The fact that Viola has succeeded in making a piece of furniture entirely from our materials made a big impression on us – as this feat requires a very special mindset!

Designcomp 11

Shirt dress by


Design School Kolding


The Design Idea

The elegant shirt dress has three principal features– flounces, pockets and fan pleats – all of which are explicitly inspired by the 1920s. The top part of the dress has elements from the formal shirt while the many ruffles on the skirt add a feminine, romantic touch to the dress. These contrasting elements complement each other.

The statement of our judges

We are very excited to see how Felix has integrated the masculine and the feminine into a single look. This is a design that both women and men can wear. We applaud that. We see the dress as an excellent coordinate. We like how you can change the entire look by styling the dress with high heels or sneakers

Designcomp 12

Jacket by


Via University College


The Design Idea

Oversized, padded jacket with a quilted pattern of faces designed and sewn by Myroslava herself. The inspiration is drawn from the need for comfortable clothing that emerged during the global lockdown. The facial expressions pay homage to nonverbal communication which was eradicated while we sat at home on our computers.

The statement of our judges

Myroslava is not only a designer, she is an artist. Her entry is indeed a work of art! We are deeply impressed by how she has made the quilted faces in a simple fabric appear so clear and expressive. We love the story she tells us through this item and the fact that she has considered opportunities to use her fabric remnants.

Designcomp 14

Combination dress by


Beckmans College of Design, Stockholm


The Design Idea

A creation inspired by three keywords:

  • renew
  • reuse
  • reinvent

Using very few elements, such as sleeves and patches attached with snap fasteners, the dress changes colour, fi t and function. There are endless combinations. The dress can be constantly reimagined, renewed and reused – over and over again.

The statement of our judges

Designing just the one dress, which in principle can become an infi nite number of dresses, requires very special creative talent. Filippa almost suggests that the customer is his or her own designer, – a message we are pleased to help spread. Kudos to Filippa for having used fabric paints as a way of creating unique fabrics of her own.

Designcomp 13

Linen suit by


Design School Kolding


The Design Idea

Linen trousers, waistcoat and jacket with a natural, simple and timeless design expression. Snap fasteners make it possible to adjust the trousers at the waist, the waistcoat at the sides and the jacket at the back. There are even snap fasteners on the sleeves and shoulders. The suit can be worn in several different ways and thus survive longer in the wardrobe.

The statement of our judges

We love how Katrine juggles with shape here. Her extremely well-designed suit is a classic design that will stand the test of time! She has chosen to make it in a linen fabric, a particularly hard-wearing material, and has even cut the pieces so that the weave is diagonal. It’s absolutely brilliant. In addition, we love that the suit can be worn by men and women.